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Frequently asked questions

  • What is imeetify

    Is online appointment scheduling platform empowering individuals, professionals & businesses to automate their appointment system with their customers, partners, family & friends

  • How imeetify is useful for me?

    Currently, multiple emails are exchanged to book a single appointment or take for instance multiple phone calls to your service providers to look up availability & schedule/ reschedule appointments. All these hassles can be removed by using single link

  • What are benefits of using imeetify?

    As service providers you can offer a single link using which your customers/ partners will get to know your availability and schedule appointments with you. The platform facilitates both in-person & virtual meeting appointments. While options such as configuring your availability by day, date, multiple slots unlocks immense benefits to the users.

  • What is public calendar link?

    Public calendar link is a personalized calendar link which was created by the user and which will be shared with customers, visitors, friends & family. The calendar link name is added by you as per your preferences. You can name is after you or your enterprise/ business
    E.g: https://xxxxxx.xx/naveekumar or https://xxxxxx.xx/drnaveen

  • How to configure my calendar link?

    Calendar can be configured and branded as per your choice & Subscription plans you have enrolled. The basic availability like welcome message, opening & Closing time, days you are available along with time slot duration you intend to have meetings can be configured with ease. Advance availability management includes more flexible options such as multiple slots in a day/ date & option to mark a date as holiday

  • How do I brand my calendar?

    The platform gives the option to brand your calendar link with your profile picture and organization logo, if any. Also ability to add your welcome message and add custom links such as links to your website, blog, enquiry form , e-book download and adding social media link

  • What are availability?

    As calendar link owner, you can set your availability preferences. When you intend to open your calendar for appointments and dates when you are not available. For more info- visit the video tutorial

  • What are appointment types?

    As calendar link owner you can open appointment slots for 15, 30 & 60 minutes but if you intend to tag each slot for specific services you may use this feature. This would enable visitors to start their journey booking appointment with you for specific time period e.g- you want to give a 15 min meeting slot for introductory meeting, 30 min for sales meeting and 60 minutes for demo of product. Using Appointment type you may start journey for appointment for specific service

  • What are group events?

    We have given this option in the platform allowing users to publish their webinars/ public group events in-person/ virtual and calling to a limited / unlimited number of attendees.

  • How to change my availability options?

    Please visit video tutorial for more information

  • How do I avoid double booking ?

    Double booking can be avoided using integration of your google/outlook calendar. Users can go to integrations and tap on google or outlook calendar and authorize the sync options. The booked appointment/ meeting slots in google/ outlook would be blocked for visitors trying to book appointment with you using the calendar link

  • What are the different plans available?

    Users can subscribe to Starter plan which is completely free and Premiun subscription plan which has advanced availability management.

    Please visit “Link” for more information

  • What is the difference between Starter / Premium Plan?

    Please visit “Link” for more information

  • How does refund process work?

    Starter plan is completely free and does not need any credit card registration. Premium Plan is available on monthly recurring, & 1 year annual. There is no refund option for any of the plans available currently.

  • How to cancel by subscription?

    Users may cancel the subscription of Premium Plan only with cancel subscription option Starter plan cannot be canceled, however users can delete their account

  • How to delete my account?

    Users can navigate to their profile page and tap on delete account option. Once deleted all the data would be lost and cannot be restored under any circumstances

  • What are the security features available with imeetify?

    Basic username and password, along with email verification with SSL are part of the security functionality of the system. More enhanced features would get added soon

  • How can I change my password?

    Of-course! Account settings allows you to change the password and we recommend to update the password regularly

  • How can I change my user id?

    Currently, registered email id is user-id and cannot be changed. We are working to give users options for changing the user-id and shall be added in upcoming releases

  • How secure is my data?

    Only data which are required for functionalities, maintaining the account and subscription are stored. They are stored in secured database and in some cases few data are encrypted as well

  • What happens after I delete my account with imeetify?

    Once the account is deleted by you, the system will automatically erase / delete any data which you have stored. However meeting details shall be stored for future needs in line with regulations/ compliances

  • How to achieve Zoom integration ?

    Tele Consulting has become an alternative channel for Health Providers in extending cares to Patients at their convenience. has pre-built integrations with Zoom. Using which Providers needs to enable Zoom from integration and add their Zoom credentials. Upon which it undergoes a security authentication and if successful your Zoom Account is successfully integration into

    For more information- Download Guide

  • How Zoom Link for Tele Consulting is enabled?

    Once your Zoom account is successfully integrated into your account, The option of creating calendar for tele consulting is enabled. Once Calendar is created with Tele Consult Option and published, All appointments booked on the Calendar gets Zoom link for every Appointment. At Appropriate Appointment time, Patient can click on the Zoom link and initiate Tele Consulting with Providers

    For more information- Download Guide

  • How does HubSpot Integration works?

    Integrating, with HubSpot will help users automate the entire flow from online appointment booking to taking the contact as lead form within HubSpot along with the meetings details saved with your HubSpot account.

    For more information- Download Guide

  • How does Dark mode be enabled on

    IDark mode lets you use a darker (Black) color palette for low-light or nighttime environments. It also improves content legibility and it minimizes eye strain by applying uniformly throughout the app.

    Once you sign in to your account, on the bottom left side of the navigation panel, you can find the Dark mode toggle button. By clicking on it you can enable the dark mode.

  • What is a Calendar Theme? launches a set of predefined calendar themes to suit various brands and their requirements. The following themes are available:

    • Classic Theme (Default)
    • Professional Theme
    • Simple Theme
    • Compact Theme
    • Elegant Theme
    • Multi-calendar Theme users can select any of the above themes to be applied to their calendars.

  • How do I customize my profile page on

    Profile page includes information regarding account users' identity such as:

    • Profile Picture
    • Name
    • Title
    • Contact number
    • Welcome Message for customers
    • and adding social media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Websites, etc)

    This feature is available under Main Menu at the left side navigation panel of the dashboard.

  • How do I set a break between appointment slots in my calendar?

    Customizing breaks between appointment slots is very simple. Follow the below steps to enable breaks in between your busy schedule:

    • Click on “My calendars” in the left navigation panel of your account.
    • Click on the “Edit” icon in your calendar.
    • Under the “Calendar Details” column, you can find “Optional”
    • Click on the Dropdown menu on “Set breaks between slots”.
    • Select your required break timings starting from 5 Minutes to 60 Minutes
    • Click on “Save & Exit” to apply.
  • How do I enable conflict check with my other calendar?

    If you are having multiple calendars within your account, you can easily enable conflict check functionality in order to avoid time conflicts within them.

    Follow the below steps to enable conflict check with other calendars:

    • Click on “My calendars” in the left navigation panel of your account.
    • Click on the “Edit” icon in your calendar.
    • Under the “Calendar Details” column, you can find “Optional”
    • Select the “calendar” title from the search bar to activate the “enable conflict check with other calendars” option.
    • Click on Save & Exit to apply.
  • How do I sync my imeetify calendar with a specific Google calendar to avoid double booking?

    Having more than one appointment at the same time is known as a Double booking. With’s sync with Google calendar feature, you can avoid it.

    Follow the below steps to enable conflict check with other calendars:

    • Click on “My calendars” in the left navigation panel of your account.
    • Click on the “Edit” icon in your calendar.
    • Under the “Calendar Details” column, you can find “Optional”
    • Now click the “On” button and select a Gmail account from “Sync with your specific Google Calendar”.
    • Click on Save & Exit to apply.
  • How do I embed code for my individual calendar? allows its user to embed code for their individual calendar. Users can embed calendars into their websites, and blogs and increase conversion rates.

    Steps to generate embed code:

    • Click on “My calendars” in the left navigation panel of your account.
    • Click on the “Embed Code” icon in your calendar.
    • You can select either “Full calendar view” or “Compact calendar view” embed codes.
    • Now click on “Create Embed” and copy codes to be published on your website.
  • Where can I find’s Product Roadmap?

    A product roadmap is a high-level summary that maps out the vision and direction of’s service offering over time.

    Here's the roadmap link to what we are working on and what's coming out next as part of feature development. We are excited in offering various features based on customers’ feedback and suggestions.

    If you like to suggest us a feature, kindly write to us – [email protected]

  • Where can I find’s Video Tutorial?'s video tutorials provide its users with visual instructions for demonstrating our process or providing step-by-step instructions for our service.

    Here's the Video tutorial page, to help you better understand and its features.

  • Where can I find my attendees, registered for an event?

    If you are hosting an event through registration, then you’ll be having attendees who have responded. You can find those registered attendees by following the below steps:

    • Click on “Group Events” in the left navigation panel of your account.
    • Click on the “View” icon under your registered event in your event dashboard.
    • Now you can find Confirmed attendees, canceled and waitlisted attendees (if you have set limitations)