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iMeetify’s online appointment scheduling has revolutionized my business. The customizable themes and branding options have also helped me create a professional image. iMeetify is a must-have for any busy professional.” My clients love the convenience, and I love the increased productivity. iMeetify is an invaluable tool for any entrepreneur.”
Hari Srinivasan- Entrepreneur
iCover Insurance - USA

You don’t have to struggle to setup an Online Appointment System

Quick setup & easy

iMeetify is the perfect scheduling tool for anyone who wants to streamline their scheduling process and stay organized. Whether you’re an individual trying to manage your schedule or a business trying to coordinate with a team or clients, iMeetify has everything you need to get the job done.

Why choose iMeetify?

Easy to use

iMeetify is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to get started.


iMeetify is an affordable solution for anyone looking to streamline their scheduling process without putting hole in pocket.


With customizable meeting types and availability preferences, iMeetify can be
tailored to your unique needs.

Time Saving

iMeetify saves you time by automating the scheduling process and sending out timely reminders.


Elevate Your Client Experience
with Streamlined
Appointment Booking”

Time Savings

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual appointment scheduling. iMeetify’s efficient system automates the process, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on what matters most serving your clients or customers.

Enhanced Professionalism

Impress your clients or customers with a seamless and professional appointment booking experience. iMeetify’s intuitive interface and customized branding options create a cohesive and polished image for your business.

With iMeetify, you can create customized meeting types, set availability preferences, and even integrate your calendar to ensure that you never double-book or miss an important meeting again. Plus, our automated reminder system helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and arrives on time

Flexibility & Control

Take charge of your schedule with iMeetify’s flexible availability settings. Whether you’re an individual professional or managing a team, iMeetify adapts to your unique needs, ensuring that appointments align with your preferred working hours.

Improved Customer Experience

By offering hassle-free online appointment scheduling, iMeetify enhances the client experience. Clients or customers can conveniently book appointments at their convenience, resulting in greater satisfaction and repeat business.

Organize events like
Never before

iMeetify makes it easy to create and manage events, whether you’re hosting a webinar, conference, or any other type of event. With iMeetify’s event creation feature, you can create events in just a few clicks and share them with your attendees.

Multiple event types

create customizable event types for group events. Whether you’re hosting a webinar, training session, or team meeting, you can create an event type that meets your specific needs.

Easy Scheduling across timezones

easy to schedule group events, even with attendees in different time zones. Simply set your availability preferencesand share your event link with your attendees, and iMeetify will take care of the rest.

Attendee Management

makes it easy to manage attendees for group events. You can track attendance, send out updates and reminders, and even send out post-event surveys to gather feedback.

Easy to use

Offers a variety of features to make it a success. You can integrate with Zoom & Google meet for video conferencing, and even paid events with option of waitlist for your attendees


Proven approach to
increase sales

iMeetify can be a valuable tool for sales professionals who want to streamline their workflow, improve their efficiency, and make a professional impression on prospects and customers.

Easy Sales Meeting Scheduling

Professional image

Complete Branding

Quick Webinar setup

Increased engagement

Improved efficiency

Integration with other tools

Easy Collaboration

Convert more enquiries to appointments

Time-zone management

Convert more enquiries
to appointments

Clear Call-to-Action

Using embed calendar option, you can provide a direct and visible call-to-action such as "Schedule your Appointment Now" or "Book your meeting: which leads your customers directly to the scheduling page


Instant meeting requests

With integration with Google meet, Zoom & MS teams, yourprospects and customers can instantly get a meeting withvirtual online link the moment they book / schedule aappointment with you


Follow-up & Reminders

Potential clients who have expressed interests or have landed to specific webpage of yours , prompt them with option to quick book an appointment & get to speak with the sales executives immediately


Embed QR code to your contact

Generate QR code of your personalized scheduling page link and place them in your business cards, flyers, brochures & marketing material which helps prospects to scan and schedule meeting with you