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Changelog lists all changes to the platform, which may include issues reported & fixes, new features & enhancements

  • August 2023

    Version 2.1


    QR code for verifying participants registration in Group events

    Added maximum number of appointment slots , users wants to take per day

    Added option for Korean / Multi Languages for Title & Description Input

    Added Hungarian, Portuguese & Dutch Language- Now is available in 7 languages

    Ability for users to add custom link for online meeting

    Ability for users to accept appointments marked “Over the Phone”

    Minor fixes

    Video tutorial Design change

    Minor fix for embed code compatibility in Mobile view (responsive)

  • July 2023

    Version 2.1


    Ability to add secondary email id

    Quick Start Calendar/Booking page creation

    Meeting Polls

    Revamp of Web Pages

    Minor bug fixing

  • June 2023

    Version 2.0


    Multiple Google Account Integrations

    Buffer time- Mark unavailable from current time

    Minor bug fixes in Group events

    Event embed code

    Enhancements to Group Events

    Download of event participants

    Language - German, Spanish

  • May 2023

    Version 2.0


    Major UI Revamp of the application

    Group events functionality updated

    Option of custom email

    Adding logo & tag line to emails

    Option to mark multiple dates as unavailable

    Adding Custom date range for availability

    Advance Availability Upgrade

    Language - French

    Break between appointment slots

    CNAME minor issue fixes

    Advance Availability- Minor fixes

  • April 2023

    Version 1.9


    Minor issues fixed

    Re-positioning of Calendar Theme in Branding screen

    Enhancements to Side navigation menu

    Option to add unavailable Date & Time

    CNAME enhancements

    Option to add Custom email address for appointment emails

  • March 2023

    Version 1.8


    Minor issues Fixed

    Option to add background images to calendar full screen

    Add icons to calendars

    Custom email option- invitee receiving using custom domain

    UI Enhancements

    Recurring events added to the group eventsany more changes

    Single Calendar View

    Add Sync with multiple calendars of Google

    zapier integration

    HubSpot Enhnancements

Version 1.7

Released: 24- Feb-2023


Minor issues fixed

Issues on calendar embed fixed

Option to add background images, banners & colors to calendars

CNAME option, custom domain name feature. Premium users can add custom domain

Enhancements in group events functionality

Minor UI refinements

Version 1.6

Released: 09- Feb-2023


Link 2 imeetify calendars to avoid conflict on availability slot

Break duration between appointment slots

Recurring events- now host recurring events by day, week & month

Minor fixes google calendar sync

New calendar theme- Multi representative view

Minor bug fixed in time-zone conversion

Change in create calendar

Version 1.5

Released: 20-Jan-2023


Security Fix applied

Minor bug fixed in appointment rescheduling

Product roadmap page has been added

Embed code for individual calendars added

Version 1.4

Released: 06- Jan-2023


Google account integration issue with was fixed. Users would be able to integrate google meet with imeetify with ease and avoid double booking via setting up sync with google calendar and generate googlemeet virtual meeting link for online appointments booked.

Version 1.3

Released: 15-Dec-2022


Added new calendar theme

Changed event creation flow

enhancements in Profile & Branding screens

Version 1.2

Released: 06-Dec-2022


New Dashboard was added to display all events/ appointments

New Dashboard included fetching appointment details from Google Calendar & Outlook

2 new calendar theme has been included "Compact" & " Elegant"

Minor fixes has been carried out

Version 1.1

Released: 1-Dec-2022

Description is successfully integrated with HubSpot CRM, The app is approved & available at HubSpot CRM Marketplace

Minor fixes has been carried out

Version 1.1

Released: 24-Nov-2022


Minor fixes has been carried out

Version 1.0

Released: Sept-2022


General availability release was made with all the important features & functionalities to automate scheduling & enhance productivity. Sign-up and take a free account with