Options in Create Calendar (Booking Page)

It allows users to set up a personalized calendar for scheduling appointments or meetings. Here are key features, that includes:

Options Description
Appointment Type iMeetify offers three different types of appointment option which includes In-person, Online and Over the phone - Select any one to proceed further
Name of the calendar Provide your calendar name that reflects its nature and workings. Eg: Dental booking
Description Provide suitable description about your calendar, which will help you invitees to understand its requirement
Timezone Select your country timezone from the drop down list
Restrict invitees to the selected Time-zone only Invitees will be able to book schedule in mentioned time-zone only, and will not be able to change timezone from their end
Schedule open for Select the number of days you wish to keep your appointment schedule open for booking from the drop down list
Appointment length Select the time length for each appointment from the drop down list
Advanced Settings (List of Optional settings)
Make your calendar as Private Making your calendar private is a fundamental step in safeguarding your appointment schedule, ensuring that it remains confidential and only accessible to you unless made public
Book only after approval With this feature, Implement a system where appointments are booked only after approval adds an additional layer of control and coordination to scheduling processes. It also adds a preventive measure against overbooking or scheduling conflicts.
No of Slots preferred by Invitees (Min Required) Invitees might require more than one slot of appointment per day owing to their necessity. Here the minimum number of required slots will be shown and invitees have to select those to book an appointment.
No of Slots Per day Managing the number of appointment slots per day is a crucial aspect of effective scheduling and resource utilization for various organizations. Striking the right balance is essential to avoid overloading staff and resources
Invitee can't book/schedule within (Timings) we have implemented a restriction preventing invitees from booking or scheduling appointments within a specified window of time (Either minutes or Hour) from the current time
Set break between slots Setting a break between slots typically refers to configuring a period of time between consecutive appointments or meetings. For eg: If you set a 15-minute break between each slot, there will be a 15-minute gap between the end of one meeting and the start of the next.
Outlook calendar (Check availability, Make Entry) You can check availability in your outlook calendar and also Make Entry for a new appointment
want to enable conflict check with other calendar When you enable conflict checking, the calendar application examines appointments in all the linked calendars to ensure that there are no overlapping time slots for the same person or resource. If a conflict is detected, the application alerts you or prevent you from scheduling
Want to avoid Double Booking? Check Availability with your Google Calendar. It offers a seamless solution to prevent double booking by integrating with Google Calendar. This integration is a valuable feature that enhances the efficiency and reliability of scheduling processes