Is online appointment scheduling platform empowering individuals, professionals & businesses to automate their appointment system with their customers, partners, family & friends

Currently, multiple emails are exchanged to book a single appointment or take for instance multiple phone calls to your service providers to look up availability & schedule/ reschedule appointments. All these hassles can be removed by using single link

As service providers you can offer a single link using which your customers/ partners will get to know your availability and schedule appointments with you. The platform facilitates both in-person & virtual meeting appointments. While options such as configuring your availability by day, date, multiple slots unlocks immense benefits to the users.

Public calendar link is a personalized calendar link which was created by the user and which will be shared with customers, visitors, friends & family. The calendar link name is added by you as per your preferences. You can name is after you or your enterprise/ business
E.g: https://xxxxxx.xx/naveekumar or https://xxxxxx.xx/drnaveen

Calendar can be configured and branded as per your choice & Subscription plans you have enrolled. The basic availability like welcome message, opening & Closing time, days you are available along with time slot duration you intend to have meetings can be configured with ease. Advance availability management includes more flexible options such as multiple slots in a day/ date & option to mark a date as holiday

The platform gives the option to brand your calendar link with your profile picture and organization logo, if any. Also ability to add your welcome message and add custom links such as links to your website, blog, enquiry form , e-book download and adding social media link

As calendar link owner, you can set your availability preferences. When you intend to open your calendar for appointments and dates when you are not available. For more info- visit the video tutorial

As calendar link owner you can open appointment slots for 15, 30 & 60 minutes but if you intend to tag each slot for specific services you may use this feature. This would enable visitors to start their journey booking appointment with you for specific time period e.g- you want to give a 15 min meeting slot for introductory meeting, 30 min for sales meeting and 60 minutes for demo of product. Using Appointment type you may start journey for appointment for specific service

We have given this option in the platform allowing users to publish their webinars/ public group events in-person/ virtual and calling to a limited / unlimited number of attendees.

Please visit video tutorial for more information

Double booking can be avoided using integration of your google/outlook calendar. Users can go to integrations and tap on google or outlook calendar and authorize the sync options. The booked appointment/ meeting slots in google/ outlook would be blocked for visitors trying to book appointment with you using the calendar link

Users can subscribe to Basic plan which is completely free and PRO subscription plan which has advanced availability management. Please visit “Link” for more information

Please visit “Link” for more information

Basic plan is completely free and does not need any credit card registration. Pro Plan is available on monthly recurring, 3 months & 1 year. There is no refund option for any of the plans available currently.

Users may cancel the subscription of PRO Plan only with cancel subscription option Basic free plan cannot be canceled, however users can delete their account

Users can navigate to their profile page and tap on delete account option. Once deleted all the data would be lost and cannot be restored under any circumstances

Basic username and password, along with email verification with SSL are part of the security functionality of the system. More enhanced features would get added soon

Please visit “Video Tutorial” for more information

Currently, registered email id is user-id and cannot be changed. We are working to give users options for changing the user-id and shall be added in upcoming releases

Only data which are required for functionalities, maintaining the account and subscription are stored. They are stored in secured database and in some cases few data are encrypted as well

Once the account is deleted by you, the system will automatically erase / delete any data which you have stored. However meeting details shall be stored for future needs in line with regulations/ compliances