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Product Features

Product Features

What the key features of online appointment system ?

Our fundamental thought process is to design and develop an online appointment system which is extremely easy for physicians/ support staff to use. The current appointment system allows practice to configure their availability and also publish their ad-hoc calendars online quickly.

What are calendars ?

The entire application is based on the premise of calendars. Each one are created for doctors/ specialties. One user can have multiple calendar. Calendars allows invitees to look up to the available slots and book appointments.

How many calendars can be created?

There is no limit to number of calendars a user can create, however starter version only one calendar can be created. In Premium version unlimited number of calendars could be created.

What are the features of the calendar?

While creating calendar name is given for user to understand easily and option to select time-zone, calendar open duration, duration of the slots, Appointment type in-person or virtual. And then set the availability in-terms of days, or date with option of marking a holiday and giving exception to specific date.

What are the branding options available?

users can customize the look and feel of the calendar by adding their profile image, any custom link like their website, blog, social media links long with color of the calendar along with the custom welcome message.

What are the types of appointment available ?

With current needs of tele consulting, we have enabled virtual meeting option through zoom and more virtual platforms are being integrated . once the practice integrates imeetify with their zoom account, every online meeting will receive Zoom link for their appointment.

What are Group events?

When practice intends to schedule appointment for single event drawing large number of invitees group events can be used. Group events can help practice schedule webinar, live zoom events on range of topics. The features allows complete configuration of event including registration for participants to sharing link in the event of virtual event.

What are integrations?

In today’s digital world, its imperative to extend hand shake for building a seamless ecosystem. Which is why we are extending integration with leading online solutions to bring in their best practices and features to be made available within Imeetify

We shall keep building integration with multiple host systems on regular basis and shall notify you with updates