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AppSumo Support

AppSumo Support

Support/Information for AppSumo users

How do i redeem AppSumo coupon code with

I have bought more than one coupon, how to add the to

How to get multiple user licenses with

How long AppSumo subscription is valid?

AppSumo purchase are life time deal, once you purchase you are entitled for permanent subscription

Do i need to pay subscription charges?

No, if you have purchased via AppSumo, you need not purchase subscription with

Which subscription plan of is entitled for AppSumo users?

Premium subscription plan is entitled for AppSumo users

Can i add additional licenses directly from after purchasing from AppSumo?

pls contact [email protected]

How many users licenses are part of AppSumo Life time deal?

Only one user license per each coupon code is entitled for AppSumo deal

Is there any other platform Lifetime deals are sold of subscription?, has tied up with AppSumo and Redemption only from AppSumo is allowed. Purchases from other sites are invalid for more details contact [email protected]

Can i purchase Life time deal from facebook , other social media, other websites?

No, purchases are to be done using AppSumo and their registered/ authorized affiliates only and the purchases needs to be validated from AppSumo

When trying to Redeem, i get my coupon code is invalid?

pls contact [email protected], if the issue is with AppSumo please contact AppSumo support

I’m getting error while making purchase of LTD on AppSumo?

Please contact AppSumo support

What are the support offers?

Support is common across all types of users and offered over email “[email protected]”, typical response time for paid subscription is 12-24 hrs.